The Company

The meteoric rise of WOR has propelled our company into the 21st century as a premier Green/Renewable Energy Provider. One of the first in our industry, we're at the cutting edge of Waste Oil Refinement and Recycling for home heating as well as bio-deisel conversion.

How it all started.
Jim Bricker, Brendan Steer and Robert Mastrippolito were three mild mannered people with big dreams on how to help combat the country's energy crisis. Complete reliance on petroleum products was not sustainable as well as an environmentally unfriendly way to provide power. After running across a couple of Popular Science articles and reading up on 'Grease Cars' in Europe and California, Jim decided to convert his 1983 240 D diesel mercedes into a lean mean vegetable oil machine. His success inspired other 'grease' projects and eventually led to the co-founding of Waste Oil Recyclers.

Where we are today.
Right now WOR has expanded into a 5000 sq foot facility. We provide vegetable oil that has been reclaimed from restaurants and filtered to specific Micron ratings, which can be used for heating homes and powering 'grease cars'. Our pick-up service is completely free and our Service Area has expanded from South Eastern Pa and the Delaware Valley all the way to Atlantic City. Today we service some of the most recognizable industries in the region such as: Citizen's Bank Ballpark & Aramark.

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